Samsung CLX-2160N Driver Download

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Samsung CLX-2160N Driver Download – Samsung alleges its CLX-2160N is the world’s tiniest multifunction color laser. Also, it can’t be removed of the perfection, as we haven’t noticed anything of that size since getting it ideal for little businesses and house offices. The Samsung releases in the speed posts, but, with the printer beating out a 16-page essential Word paper in a tidy 58 seconds. Our 24-page DTP-style document was more handled as efficiently, including its mix of color charts, graphics, and photographs falling in the output opening at the head of the printer in 5mins 45 secs; that’s a middle of 4.2ppm. Its front edge is turned off and then sliced through to create a flat control panel, which includes a two-line, 16-character LCD and a group of 11 buttons, including great ones to start and finish print jobs.

The kind of prints from the CLX-2160N is natural. It’s reasonable on the book, which is interesting, although it’s over-close. Colour graphics are bright, and the colors are solid. However, they all seem obscure, with the little sharp part. Black text over colored backgrounds almost looks as if the book has run, though of the way with reliable toner, that’s not possible. Top-quality photo output took regarding 45 seconds for an A4 print – the equivalent length of time required for the standard quality color photocopy. Colour rates for multi-page printing quickly lived up to Samsung’s 4ppm applications. And then just another printer, the Samsung’s main attraction is its capacity to do standalone photocopying and to support that; there’s a refreshingly natural user interface made around 11 control keys and a two-line alpha-numeric LCD.

Samsung CLX-2160N Driver Download

That is a specific question that can be solved by finding out what the Samsung printer installer is first. Samsung CLX-2160N Driver printer installer is a program that is designed to help a user download and install any software on Samsung printer drivers or multifunction printer. With the presence of this program, you will no longer need to do it all by yourself. The program is compatible with Mac OS X and MS Windows, but it does not work with an inkjet printer or a multifunction printer of an older model.

Operating SystemSamsung Printer Setup
Windows XP 32-bit, XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, 7 32-bit, 7 64-bit, 8 32-bit, 8 64-bit, 8.1 32-bit, 8.1 64-bit, 10 32-bit, 10 64-bit
Macintosh OS X (v10.5), (v10.6.x), (v10.7.x), (v10.8.x), (v10.9.x), (v10.10.x), (v10.11.x), (v10.12.x), Linux
Okay, about the installation first. The printer driver download is lightweight as it is web-based. You need only find a source that provides the software first. Make sure that the source is reliable.

1. Click the download button. The program would be downloaded and once completes, you need to install it first on your computer.
2. Don’t connect the computer to the Samsung CLX-2160N just yet.
3. When the program opens, specify which OS you use.
4. Connect the computer to the printer.
5. The program would identify the printer automatically.
6. It will automatically download and install software suitable for the printer you use.
7. Follow the subsequent instructions.

Specifically about the uninstallation? Unfortunately, as the program is intended for installation, it does not come with any tools to uninstall the software it has installed before. Rather, you would have to do the uninstallation manually.

1. Connect the printer to your computer.
2. Click Start menu.
3. Select Programs to draw the list of devices connected to your computer.
4. Look for Samsung CLX-2160N and click on the selection.
5. Choose Uninstall Samsung CLX-2160N Printer Software.
6. The system will execute the task automatically.

Samsung Clx 2160N Printer Driver Download

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